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Apps Home Ethos

14 years on we’ve grown to be a talented and skilled team of website designing, web development, social media marketing, search engine optimization SEO and mobile applications development experts. Our work has been awarded numerous times and we have been widely recognized in our field, but don’t worry – we haven’t let that go to our heads and we are still as committed and enthusiastic about every project we take on as we ever were!

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But anyways just don’t just take our words for it, why not have a browse through the testimonials and see what some of our clients have to say about us, this will give you an idea of the way we work and the results we produce. More than 80% of our business is generated from people referred by our clients, and that makes us very proud of our work. So, give us a call to discuss and find out what we can do for you.

We are Apps Home

Apps Home is a technology development obsessed company with lofty goals and a deadline orientated attitude, more interested in doing things the right way than chasing high volume or fat margins. We take a great degree of care with our work, sweating the details of each and every task in accordance with client preferences to ensure maximum client satisfaction. We are fanatics about designing and we love the collision of technology and design so that we may provide the best digital output and revenue generation strategies for our prestigious clients, we have got the passion, talent and conviction, which is why we work at Apps Home. Our roots are deep in technology; we are Houston based company and have been in the business of website designing, website development, mobile apps development, search engine optimization SEO and social media marketing since 1999. We are a close-knit team of skilled and experienced people in the field of web designing, web development, mobile apps development, search engine optimization SEO and social media marketing with complementary, often overlapping skill sets. Apps Home can take any website designing, web development, search engine optimization SEO, mobile apps development and social media marketing project from genesis to launch to dedicated follow-through and maintenance at affordable rates that are extremely hard to beat by the competitors.

Apps Home team believes that a website engages audiences when they find that harmonious concurrence between arresting visuals, informative content, appropriate use of technology and seamless interaction between visitors and brand through the website. We at Apps Home assist our clients in implementing ideas by web designing, web development, search engine optimization SEO, mobile apps development and social media marketing campaigns so that business gives results and processes to move online successfully. The results of our web designing, web development, SEO, mobile apps development and social media marketing are digital experiences that are arresting, practical and deliver the desired marketing results to make a business succeed.

So if you are looking for a company to provide you with high quality web designing, web development, search engine optimization SEO, mobile apps development and social media marketing services at an affordable price, please give us a call and we will have an honest project consultation with you. We will explain the whole process in detail, we are not huge fans of slinging buzzwords around just to impress our clients, we want them to understand every little detail in simple words and the same goes for use of technological advances, if it works, and there’s a reason for it, we will use it. If it is too new, or we can’t find a genuine reason to use it, we’ll think twice about it. Apps Home has web and mobile apps development and designing expertise in the real estate, travel, finance, medical and consumer goods industries. We take pride in operating Apps Home and realize that being best is hard work. So call us now and set up a meeting with Apps Home, We’re always open for business.



  • Apps Home brings a wealth of experience to the subject of social media networking and its business value and delivers their presentations with a great deal of flair, energy and enthusiasm. Working with them literally means that we can spend five minutes, three times a week, and our business has a presence on LinkedIn, Facebook,Twitter and Continue Reading

  • An absolute pleasure working with apps-home on my website project. Some of the requirements were a bit troublesome but nothing was a problem for them. The design they delivered were of exceptional quality and went way beyond expectations. I highly recommend them.

  • We have used Apps Home for a number of years and have found their service to be First Class. Communication is direct & easy, and amendments quick.  Apps Home team created managed our websites from the concept, design, content, to going live, maintenance and management.  We value their services and highly appreciate what they did Continue Reading

  • Apps-home became an integral part of the build out of our company. They created our website seven years ago and they are managing it for us since then. Current, they are working on developing a mobile app for us. We find them to be highly responsive and very knowledgeable about the work they do.