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If your business is moving full-throttle to the future, then only having websites is not going to help much and what the current mobile apps market offers may not be enough to fit the needs. After the website, Mobile applications are the latest way to portray a business portfolio or to invent the latest craze viral app. Mobile apps have emerged as an integral and growing necessity to help companies better engage customers and stakeholders. Like the company website the mobile apps experience has become a part of our everyday life; the entire world has gone mobile. “Life-partner” status-quo of smartphone devices makes the uptake of mobile apps a must-have company strategy for businesses across industries, whether serving the B2B or B2C market. As long-time experts in the web and mobile designing and development arena, we at Apps Home based in Houston understand the complexities of integrating front-end designing with back-end systems and with an in house experienced skilled experts Apps Home is quite capable of delivering such requirements. The technical staff at Apps home of Houston has mobile apps and websites designing and development solutions for a number of industries. The Apps Home team in Houston consists of talented engineers, excellent designing and development staff, committed to delivering cutting-edge, top quality mobile apps and websites for various types of businesses.

Home of Stunning Mobile Apps and Websites

Apps Home has a four step approach in mobile application development to create the desired application; gain momentum to outperform the competition and meet the time and budget expectations, here’s how we work in four steps:

1 – Good start is half the success, so we will give a head start by getting a clear vision of the mobile applications goals, objectives and company aspirations. Apps Home will define the needs and establish the stakeholders, analyze the customers, form a demo-graphical and psycho-graphic profile of the target audience and gain insight of the business infrastructure, and then choose the best platform for the mobile application.

2 – Having a well-defined map of mobile apps idea at hand we will get down to detailed elaboration of the project, at planning, designing and prototyping stage, we will design scale able and engaging mobile app to ensure that all the essential functions are captured, then move to development stage where we translate your ideas to reality. We’ll come up with a PRD, implementation variants (front end development, back end integration client–server options, third-party implementations, integration solutions, etc.), and prototypes, reflecting UX/UI traits and app behavior.

3 – The Apps Home iOS, Android developers, BlackBerry and Windows Phone specialists will leverage their technical proficiency and developer knowledge to turn the documented requirements into a viable and sleek mobile application meeting user needs. Our quality assurance team will ensure its fault-free performance and compelling UX. Project progress is transparent by providing clients with regular updates on milestones and the risk and cost management process. Once the mobile apps solution is polished and ready to go, Apps Home team will conclude with its release to app stores and marketplaces or deploy the mobile application in the clients IT ecosystem, so that the they are able to enjoy the fruit of our mobile app designing and development efforts and start harvesting the benefits.

4 – Even after the mobile applications goes live, client will get user feedback and spot more opportunities to take advantage. If clients decide to build up the mobile app further, Apps Home is there to assist with future app refinements. We will break down the optimization process into short iterations so that client can steadily roll out new sets of mobile apps features, gradually treating the users to yet greater app functionality.

If you are looking for a mobile application designing and development partner to breathe life in an idea at an affordable cost, Apps Home of Houston is here, we have a powerful assembly of some of sharpest mobile applications and websites designing and development minds in the industry at our disposal and for modest fee they will be at your disposal as well. No matter what your plans are in the mobile business, Apps Home consultants will be able to tell everything you need to know about working in the industry and turning plans to reality with creative designing and technical development. It is Apps Home guarantee to match any mobile apps designing or development price and be assured that we will put your project on the fast track at the earliest. Apps Home has mobile applications development and designing expertise in the real estate, travel, medical and commerce industries. Call now to discuss how Apps Home can develop a bespoke mobile apps designing and development solution to meet your company objectives.

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