Web Development

When it comes to web designing and development we at Apps Home know that an online website is the forefront of communicating a company’s persona to an online audience and what important role will web designing and development play. For us at Apps Home web development is a passion that defines our skills. When doing web designing and development of a website we have an in depth understanding of the constantly changing online landscape and the behaviors of Internet users. The Apps Home web development team has expert knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) as well as payment gateway options for e-commerce website development.

Apps Home has an excellent reputation for designing sophisticated, technically complex websites that are great for search engine optimization and social media marketing. Our approach to website designing and development includes a review of all possible technology platforms, a clearly defined information architecture, detailed functional specifications and technical documentation. Apps Home’s web designing and development team adheres to a stringent web designing and development methodology to ensure the delivery of the website is on time and within budget.Website designing and development is done in a manner that it can be integrated with all leading social media marketing applications. With Apps Home web designing, development, search engine optimization and social media marketing you have all the knowledge and expertise needed for an excellent online presence in one place, at an unbeatable price. We examine analyze and sort out the best-working and affordable web designing, development and social media marketing solution, offering our advice on how to market your website to be more successful, more profitable and more accessible for the public.

Web development process generally goes in the following order; we communicate with the client and understand the goals, audience and preferences. Then, we work out a “Terms of Reference” of the web designing and development job with the client. We start planning the content and structure of the website, establishing timelines and web development solutions. Then comes designing, programming, implementing and configuring the necessary functionality for the web development of the website. Finally, we conduct some tests and verify that everything works properly as set up that’s when we go for search engine submission and then we even market the website for the clients, if they wish to use social media marketing packages we offer. Apps Home has development and designing expertise in the real estate, travel, Medical and commerce industries, so don’t wait just call Apps Home Now!